ManPack Satellite Terminals

ManPack terminals are specifically designed for the needs of a dismounted soldier or first responder. Packaged for portability and rapid setup/operation in inhospitable environments.

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The Hughes family of ManPack terminals is specifically designed for the needs of a dismounted soldier or first responder. Packaged for portability and rapid setup/operation in inhospitable environments, the Hughes ManPack offers performance and logistical advantages over the competition. Its compact design and intelligent packaging concept facilitate one-man setup and operation. The terminal packs up in a backpack, which can be placed in the airline overhead compartment, or can be put into an optional hard case and checked as baggage (

Designed and manufactured by Hughes, the key electronic modules of the ManPack family comprise the transceiver, modem and power supply. Each can be interchanged (without any tools) among the family, with aperture sizes ranging from the 45 cm ManPack to the 1.3 m FlyAway. This architecture simplifies sparing and maintenance at all organizational levels. It further facilitates multiband operation with only a small incremental increase in terminal size and weight. These features significantly reduce system lifecycle costs and logistics footprints.

Operating without fans, the ManPack satellite terminal is both rugged and quiet. The easy-to-use auto-assist pointing enables fast satellite acquisition by minimally trained personnel. The absence of automated mechanical/electrical pointing and tracking mechanisms increases reliability and ensures that there are no single point failures that would compromise the mission.

Key Terminal Features:

RF, modem, and power supply modules are common to the complete Hughes ManPack family of terminals
Supports X- (WGS-certified), Ku-, and Ka-bands (military and commercial)
No fans – high-reliability design that eliminates cooling fans
Auto Assist Pointing – simple front panel display instructions assist satellite acquisition
High performance – low loss
One-man setup in under 10 minutes without tools
Center-fed antenna enables simple frequency/feed swap as well as robust satellite connectivity due to superior wind stability
Interchangeable reflector panels
Choose the integrated Hughes HX280 modem, or other validated external L-band modem; optional Acquisition Wizard includes an internal spectrum analyzer for use with external modems
Internal GPS
Multi-enclave networking devices with embedded Cisco© routing

Key Discriminators:

Lightweight—Monolithic RF design requires no cooling fans resulting in an industry-leading compact, lightweight and reliable package

Simple to operate—Auto-assist display provides “BGAN like” setup, enabling rapid satellite pointing by an unskilled operator

Battery-saving mode—Optional BB 2590 battery available. Transmitter Keyline control more than doubles battery operation time

Multiband— Quick change between X-, Ku- (co-pol and cross-pol) and Ka-bands (both Global Express and WGS frequencies supported)

MIL-SPEC reliability—Purpose-built for tactical environment