However critical or complex the requirement, count on Hughes for comprehensive, end-to-end airborne communications solutions.


Adaptable Solutions for Airborne Needs

Real-time sharing of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) information is a growing need in military and homeland defense communities—making airborne video surveillance crucial to operational success. Adaptable SATCOM solutions from Hughes are ideal for net-centric airborne communications around the world, delivering video, voice, and high-speed data services to and from airborne platforms anywhere—including fixed wing, rotary wing, and UAV.

Airborne ISR

Hughes solutions are D0-160-certified and enable sophisticated, real-time IP applications such as airborne ISR, including streaming live video links back to operating centers at multi-megabit data rates. Virtually any airborne system platform can be supported, as Hughes works with third-party antenna manufacturers to provide full system integration of hatch-mount, fuselage-mount, and tail-mount antennas.

The proven, on-board, commercial HX platform provides significant advantages for military and intelligence applications, particularly in maintaining links under adverse conditions. Information reaches the HX terminal from five separate satellite gateways, each enabling service on a different satellite. By backhauling traffic on the system, a single platform is able to track the position of the aircraft as it switches from one gateway coverage area into another and dynamically establish new connections.

Furthermore, the HX terminal employs Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) technology, and during a gateway switch, the underlying transmission channel is reestablished through a new gateway without disrupting the connection to the Internet. This preserves the user’s connection and minimizes impact on system operations. Hughes is providing government customers airborne ISR solutions that utilize a number of Hughes technologies, including the HX200 router, HX Gateway, and the HX Expert Network Management System (ExpertNMS).

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Rotary Wing Demo

Hughes successfully demos continuous connectivity through rotary blades on a helicopter.


Hughes Airborne Modem

The Hughes Airborne SATCOM System is an integrated defense-class solution providing a constant and reliable feed of critical real-time information to support any mission.


Hughes Airborne Broadband Solutions

Hughes Airborne Broadband Solutions—encompassing all hardware, network services, online network management tools, and 24x7 technical support.


Airborne Demo (30 seconds)

Telecom industry leaders join Hughes to showcase an airborne Ku-band high-speed Internet SATCOM system with speeds of...


Airborne Demo (Full version)

Telecom industry leaders join Hughes to showcase an airborne Ku-band high-speed Internet SATCOM system with speeds of...


Broadband Takes Flight

Today, advancements in satellite technology are making it possible to deliver cost-effective broadband communications services to aircraft operating at very high rates of speed. As a result of these advancements, commercial, government, and military organizations alike are leveraging the power of broadband by satellite—in the air.


Hughes Provides Airborne Solution for U.S. Government

HX System for Airborne Satellite Communications Supports Mission-Critical Operations.


<p>Hughes and Tachyon Join Forces to Develop Advanced Airborne Networking Solutions for Military &amp; Government</p>

Comms-on-the-Move Experts to Deliver Full-Motion Video for Advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Missions


Hughes Provides Airborne and Maritime Solutions for International Coalition Partner

Contract Supports In-flight and At-sea Satellite Communications


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