Hughes satellite broadband products and services address the
complex challenges of communications-on-the-move (COTM).

With real-time situational awareness essential for mission success, defense agencies require cost-effective, on-the-move communications with minimal setup. Satellite is the ideal technology to provide reliable beyond-line-of-sight (BLoS) communications to troops on the move. But supporting continuous broadband satellite connectivity to terminals in motion presents significant challenges, including compensating for shifting transmission paths and blockage by obstacles, and deploying high-performance antennas with tight height and volume constraints. Hughes is ready to bring customized or COTS solutions that fit your requirements and your budget.

The HM200 is a ruggedized mobile modem for any COTM scenario. Built for use across all platforms (land, sea and airborne), The HM200 offers high data throughput for BLoS applications and offers a compact design with low power consumption. It can also be paired with virtually any antenna to meet specific mission requirements thanks to the open architecture of the HM System.

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